Parsons Chain China (PCC) belongs to Zhangjiakou Coal Mine Machinery Co. Ltd of China Coal Group. situated in the northwest of Hebei province, in the Coal Mine Machinery Industry Park of Zhangjiakou Industrial Cluster Zone, 180km from Beijing, bordered on Shanxi province and Mongolia, positioning in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Economic Development Circle and Around Bohai Sea Economic Belt, PCC shares advantages in geographic location and transportation.

Integrating production, R&D, selling and servicing, Parsons Chain China has developed as one of the leading industrial chain manufacturers in the world in terms of production capacity, equipment level, technology and competitive ability.

        Occupying an area of 62,000m2, it possesses 450 employee, in which 60 are technicians

       Founded in 1958, the company produced the first round mining chain for flight bar conveyor in 1964. Since the China Coal purchased UK Parsons Chain, a world famous company with over 100 year history in 2006, PCC has made remarkable progress in capacity, product variety and quality by absorbing its advanced technology, processing and quality control administration, ranking into advanced chain makers in the world.

       Focusing on high-end products, PCC’s product covers 10 series and 500 more varieties, from 6mm to 90mm, grade 60 to 120 mining chain, lifting chain, fishing chain, ash handling chain, lashing chain and related accessories, they are widely used in coal, metallurgical, power, construction material, port, shipping, forest and defense industries. The products not only take major position in Chinese market, but export to Australia, US, Russia and other countries.

       Grasping core technology and advanced know-how, with over 300 sets of advanced equipment from Germany, Japan, Sweden, Britain, Italy, all provide reliable guarantee to the high quality products. 8-23mm resistance welding, 14-60mm flash welding and 60-90mm ultra-size production line, from cropping, forming, blasting, welding, heat treating, calibrating, matching & pairing, surface treatment and delivery, all the processes are realized digital control. Whole procedure from bought-in material checking, production processing, testing and packaging is traceable. With national-level lab in the park, verities of on-site testing and analyzing can be carried out, such as hardness, bending, impact, fatigue, chemical content, metallurgical structure and mechanical property, all make good foundations for high quality products.

       Possessing an innovative R&D team, PCC has obtained 15 national patents. Many new products and material are developed every year, which can meet all requirement of high-end customer in strength, toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

       PCC always insists on strict quality control system and continues to make improvement for ISO 9001 and CCS accreditation. All mining products are obtained national safety certificate, many products won national Gold Medal, Scientific Progress Award, Coal Industrial Scientific Progress Award. It is only one enterprise for all mining products to pass national inspection, one of standard makers in industrial chain sector of China.

Market depends on high reputation, quality makes splendid history. Parsons Chain China will stand in China, eyeing on outside world, make all efforts to build up a world well-known brand and international first-class enterprise, making more contribution to the chain making industry of the world.