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The Story About Parsons

The Story About Parsons

● Founded in 1903, the founder of UK Parsons is Mr. Harris Parsons.

● In the early of 20th century UK Parsons developed tire protection chain.

● This was the first chain which got international patent.

● The workshop of UK Parsons in the early 20th century.

● The worksite of UK Parsons in 1920-30s.

● The new products developed in 1930s.

● The anchor chain developed in 1940’s.

● The assembling line of UK Parsons in 1950-60s.

● This was an article about Parsons carried in UK newspaper.

● The worksite of UK Parsons in 1960-70’s.

● The Prince Mr. Philip presented the Outstanding Contribution Award to Parsons.

● UK Parsons got the Design Council Award in 1984.

● Parsons fishing chain used in ocean fishing.

● Parsons lifting chain were popular in the world.

● UK Parsons ranked the leading position in the world in chain manufacturing and R&D for many decades.

● Parsons mining chain got high reputation in the international coal industry.

● UK Parsons developed ultra-strength mining chain in 1990’s.

● UK Parsons developed corrosion-resistance chain in 1990’s and got international patent in 1996.

● Zhangjiakou Coal Mining Machinery was authorized to distribute KUPLEX lifting component of Parsons in 1998.

● ZMM and UK Parsons established a joint venture to produce connectors in 2005.

● China Coal Group purchased UK Parsons in 2006.

● Parons Chain China company (PCC) was founded in 2007.

● The production line of PCC in 2007-2012.

● The whole process, technology and know-how ,standards and quality control were introduced from UK Parsons, of which the forming and heat treatment equipment were from UK Parsons.

● PCC Mining Chain Products Promotion Conference was held in Beijing in 2007, more than 300 people from all over the world participated the conference.

● Several UK experts were engaged by PCC to provide helps and instruction in production, market exploration, process and quality control.

● PCC moved into new worksite at ZJK Industrial Cluster Zone in 2013. It ranked into advanced manufacturers in the world in terms of production capacity, variety of products, advanced equipment, process and quality.