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China’s number two…

2016-05-09 13:33 Source:

China Coal, officially known as China National Coal Group Corporation (formerly China National Coal Industry and

Export Corporation),is controlled by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.

It is the second largest state-owned coal mining company inChina, and the third largest in the world. It is engaged

in coal production and sales, coal chemicals, coal mining equipment manufacturing, coal mine design and related

engineering services.

It owns 45 coal mines with total production capacity of 226Mtpa and 34coal washing plants with a capacity of 246Mtpa.

it has 51subsidiaries and four overseas offices, with total assets of CNY243.9billion (US$39billion) and 110,000employees.

Future plans include constructing forming five major coal production bases inShanxi, Inner Mongolia-shaanxi,Jiangsu,

Heilongjiangand Xinjiang.