Chain-lock Series Connectors Date:2016-04-20

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Product Introduction

Chainlock connectors(for horizontal use only)
CHAINLOCK connectors have been specifically designed for joining together Xtra quality mining chain and have compatible strength.This is 25% greater than connectors designed for use with DIN quality grade 2 china of either round or flat link configuration. This Xtra performance has been achieved through careful choice of materials and heat treatment whilst keeping the dimensional properties within those specified in DIN 22258:2003 part 2. This will ensure that the connectors-which must be installed in the horizontal plane of the chain only-will safely negotiate sprockets that have been designed in accordance with this specification.
CHAINLOCK connectors can also be used with DIN quality grade 2 chains having the advantage of higher strength thus giving an additional

Fatigue Test-100,000 cycles min.(>150,000 trpical). Mean stress 150N/mm2 . Amplitude±100N/mm2 lmpact KV Test-55J.min.(70J Typical) Refer to DIN22258:2003 part 2 for verification methods and procedures
Assembly and Maintenance
An instruction leaflet is supplied with each CHAINLOCK connector which gives guidance on correct assembly and maintenance.
Key points are:
·Only fit in the horizontal plane
·Assemble the spacer into the connector body so that the location marks are aligned.
·Do not interchange components between connectors
·Ensure the securing screw is correctly tightened to appropriate torque stated below.
·Regularly check for wear and damage
·Fully examine every 2 months or 1 M tones conveyed whichever is the sooner.(For BSL use, examine monthly).
·Always fit a new securing screw when re-assembling the connector