Series Cor-X Mining Round Chain and Compact Chain Date:2016-04-20

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Product Introduction

The alloy steel material specification for COR-X chain was developed and patented in 1997 to overcome the effects of the most corrosive mining conditons.
High levels of acidity,conductivity, soluble chlorates and sulphates in the mine water will inevitably lead to the development of surface corrosion pitting which can result in premature failure due to the effects of corrosion fatigue or stress corrosion cracking.
Unlike chain which is surface galvanised, COR-X chain properties are inherent in the whole link, will not wear off and last the life of the chain. Parsons COR-X mining chains are thus virtually immune to the effects of corrosion pitting and have proven reliability on many of the world’s key conveyor installations.
In assessing the suitability of COR-X chain for a particular installation further guidance is available from Parsons Mining chain technical services department.